Saturday, April 17, 2010

Round 6 overview

This morning I was a 5 minutes late after finishing my "pictorial" crosstable program.


The tournament hall is a 5 minute walk from the hostel. I got to walk with Situru who just got out of his room at the same time. Tirto was ahead of us but was walking very slowly. Now I know the reason for him being 30 minutes late yesterday. His leg was hurting somehow.

We got to the tournament hall just in time to see the players start the chess clock.


FM Nicholas Chan vs IM Situru Nathaniel. Nicholas really needs this win against Situru but that was not to be. Instead Nicholas miscalculated in the middlegame to lose a piece and the game. This must be Nicholas’ worst tournament and his loss leaves him at the bottom of the table.


FM Daniel Fernandez is a picture of concentration against Nirav Rajasuba. Daniel outplayed his opponent in agressive black side of the Sicilian dragon to secure the point.


Thakur Akash had to wait for Tirto who was again 30 minutes late. Their game went into a Bishop vs Knight endgame where Thakur had the Knight with an extra pawn. Tirto was outplayed and it proved the Knight was superior and Tirto had to admit defeat when another one of his pawns was about to fall.


16 year old Ankit of India waits patiently for GM Saidali who will be a few minutes late.

image image

The GM arrives soon after and has a cup of tea while playing the first few moves. It’s another Sicilian dragon and Ankit manages to equalise the game quite fast. He offers a draw in the middlegame which GM Saidali refused. However, a couple of moves later the draw was agreed. Saidali still remains the clear leader but only by half a point closely followed by Daniel and Ankit.

The longest game of the day was between Abdul Haq vs Brunei’s FM Yee Soon Wei. Haq had the advantage for a long time but in the endgame made some mistakes and Yee soon had an extra pawn in a Rook and pawn endgame. The endgame look drawish but Yee kept pressing with both clocks at about 3 minutes each. With increment that endgame stretched over half an hour. In the end the game was agreed drawn at 99 moves.

Rank after 6 rounds:-

Rk.   Name FED Rtg Pts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1 GM Iuldashev Saidali UZB 2511 5,0 13,00 0,0 4
2   Ankit R. Rajpara IND 2334 4,5 12,00 0,5 3
  FM Fernandez Daniel SIN 2299 4,5 12,00 0,5 3
4 IM Situru Nathanael INA 2358 3,5 9,00 0,0 1
5   Thakur Akash IND 2355 3,5 7,75 0,0 3
6   Mohamed Abdul Haq MAS 2057 2,0 4,75 0,0 1
7 IM Tirto INA 2402 2,0 4,50 0,0 1
8 FM Yee Soon Wei BRU 2209 2,0 4,25 0,0 1
9   Nirav Y Rajasuba IND 2183 1,5 3,75 0,0 1
10 FM Chan Nicholas MAS 2398 1,5 2,50 0,0 1

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